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    We produce courses and easy-to-use products, like recordings that work while you shower or exercise, to help people who feel stuck and in pain to free themselves mentally and spiritually and to heal themselves physically and emotionally.


    Life is a cycle of ups and downs, but sometimes you can find yourself stuck in a downright ditch. That's when you need a helping hand to move up.


    There is no ONE path or solution that will fix everything. However, we offer strategies and practices that might resonate with you and help you move to the next level of sustainable health and wellness.


    Every product is money-back guaranteed so you can try and see what works for you!


  • Vision

    We envision YOU feeling free, healthy, and happy, empowered to live your life to the fullest and maintain your health and wellness.


    We envision you becoming CONNECTED to your passion, purpose, and community, bringing joy into the world.


    Our core values are

    • HEALTH
    • LOVE

  • Viv's Story

    Ever since I was a little girl, I felt the same sense of purpose I feel now, but it wasn't until now that I understood the spiritual purpose behind it. Growing up at home was painful and so I left when I was 14. My youth was traumatic but I didn't see it as such until much later.

    I started my career as a medical scientist in my 20s but decided to take a break after completing my PhD because I needed time to reflect.

    I spent three years travelling and living in South America. I learned a lot, living and working with people from all over the continent.

    Towards the end of my time in South America, however, I became progressively ill, which led to a devastating, total collapse in my health at the age of 29.

    Being a scientist, I investigated and informed myself of what could be going on with me when the frontline doctors failed. I was diagnosed in Canada with a rare parasite I caught in the Amazon and went to the United States for specialized treatment, where I was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and over 120 environmental and food sensitivities and allergies.

    I returned home to Toronto, Canada, to concentrate on my recovery. Recovery was a slow and complicated process. I began to learn that there was more to health than trying to manage or "correct" the physical processes in my body.

    I began to witness the powerful connection between the mind and body and how psychological and emotional processes influence health and wellbeing and vice versa. I studied and witnessed this in-depth. As I healed through many physical and mental therapies, I studied them deeply.

    I later trained professionally and was certified in the techniques I found most helpful. I worked as a psychotherapist (emdrviv.com) and wellness counsellor for years. I helped hundreds find greater levels of peace and wellness, as I recovered myself, and continued my spiritual journey.

    As a result of my studies, personal journey, and witnessing hundreds of clients' experiences, I recognize the INCREDIBLE potential in us all for healing. I also recognize that even though we sometimes need help, all healing is self-healing. The body, mind, and spirit unite for success in this mission for health, wellness, and happiness (with or without the help of others and or the proper medicine).

    I founded VivPhD.com as a safe place for you to learn how to heal yourself and create practices for maintaining sustainable wellness and happiness.

    Our hope, as a company, is that the information and tools available here will be tremendously helpful and easy-to-use, and that they will change your life forever.

    If you find what we offer is not helpful for you, we are delighted to offer a 100% money back guarantee with love, as we honour the truth that everyone has their own path.

  • Viv's training

    • PhD in Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
    • Biomedical Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacology, University of Toronto
    • EMDR Therapist: EMDRIA Approved training
    • Member of EMDRIA and EMDR Canada
    • Dissociation of the Personality and the EMDR Treatment of Chronic Traumatization Program
    • Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Masters Level, Ontario Hypnosis Centre, Toronto, Canada
    • Masters in the Architecture of Hypnosis at the University of Toronto
    • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for Depression and Anxiety Course
    • Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management Course
    • Honours Bachelor of Science, Neuroscience and Biology, University of Toronto
    • Certified Yoga Instructor (Practice since 1999)
    Read Viv's Story here.
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